Systems Inclusions


KioSoft’s Automated Coffee Technology delivers a simple, comprehensive and harmonious solution.

System Components

Touchscreen Interface

  • Customers can easily scroll through the menu and customize their order with our resistive 12in LCD touchscreens.
  • These screens are weather-proof and vandal-proof with IP65 rating.
  • The menu and overall appearance can be customized to meet your brand standards.

All-In-One Payment Reader

  • KioSoft’s Ultra VX sets a new standard in acceptance for utmost payment flexibility.
  • The 3.5-inch full color LCD screen boasts a vivid display, clearly communicating payment options.
  • Accepted methods of payment: Tap, Mag Swipe & EMV (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover), Apple Pay & Google Pay, Mobile App

Branded Mobile App

Mobile App ordering allows customers to:

  1. Find Nearest Kiosk Location
  2. Select Kiosk Location
  3. Load Credit Card Value
  4. Place Order
  5. Select from Favorites / History
  6. Scan QR for Quick Pickup

Our mobile app can also be easily configured to include promotions and rewards.

Management Portal

  • Promotions Portal – Operators can seamlessly manage promotions in KioSoft’s user-friendly portal
  • Menu Management – The menu seen on the touchscreen interface and mobile app ordering is customizable according your menu offerings, pricing, and brand guidelines.
  • Management Portal- We provide our clients with a secure management software that combines operational and financial and operational reporting
  • Powerful overview of usage and location performance