International Laundry

Best of the World in Unattended Laundry Payments

With 20+ years in the payment technology industry and sales in over 39 countries, KioSoft is proud to be a global company with proven international capabilities. We offer everything you need for a Connected Laundry Room including hardware, software, and support tools… no matter where you are.

Multilingual & Versatile

KioSoft designs and manufactures all components of our products from end to end, which enables us to support:

  • Multi Language – our software is customizable to incorporate your preferred languages
  • Regional Specs – we modify our product specifications to conform with any environment
  • Certification – we have certifications to cover numerous markets worldwide

Our Laundry Payment solutions are available in your language and customized to meet the requirements of your market. We offer the full range of our Laundry payment portfolio internationally, highlighted by our Mobile solution which is the cleanest way to migrate.

To discuss your International Laundry project, please contact:

Mobile App Payments:

Mobile technology is revolutionizing payments; laundry is no exception. CleanPayMobile is a multilingual app that is specifically designed for the laundry industry. It is the easiest solution to implement in an international environment as users just simply download the app and follow the instructions. In addition to starting laundry machines with their mobile phone, the application provides users with full access to:

  • View machine availability
  • Alerts when laundry cycle is complete
  • Complete purchase history

CleanPayMobile advantages for Laundromat Owners:

  • Multilingual capabilities
  • You are the merchant; we do not hold your money
  • Full, serial interface – provides access to machine data, including coin counts
  • Application works with any of our CleanReader Line of readers
  • Offline mode & Coin payment reporting
  • Access to our full-featured technician application

Customer Installation – Philippines Case Study

No matter where your business is located, or the size of your facility, KioSoft has the expertise and complete set of solutions to support your success. Below are images from an international installation in the Philippines: