Partnership Benefits

Partnership Benefits

Our solution can be easily integrated into any establishment and can add value in many ways.

Business Advantages:

  • Expansion to new markets & customers
  • Increasing sales and product offering
  • Reducing footprint
  • Lowering overhead costs and labor costs
  • Extending reach with 24/7 operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Access to detailed usage data

Systems Integration & Customization

KioSoft’s core competencies include creating new and supporting existing internal & external systems integrations. Our comprehensive technology solution includes:

  • Building or integrating with customer-facing mobile app
  • Secure payment & order systems
  • Menu set-up at scale & order platform customization
  • Telemetry system for wireless connectivity across devices
  • Data-generating statistics & dashboards
  • Automated logistics – supporting operational efficiencies

But most importantly, we offer outstanding support and value long-term partnership to ensure our mutual success.

Why Kiosoft?

As a pioneer in facilitating the growing trend of cashless & unattended payments and food service robotics, ​KioSoft’s Coffee Solutions leverages Super-Automatic Espresso Machines, On-Tap Cold Draft & Hot Coffee Systems, unattended order/payment solutions, and Robotic Arm technology​. Our technology pairs the authentic espresso experience from a traditional cafe with a ground-breaking automated delivery for all corners of food service & hospitality​. Our solution extends the reach of food service operators & retailers to increase their profits, reduce costs, capacity, extend hours and expand to new markets and customers​. Customers can enjoy convenient coffees on-the-go or at-work, customized to their liking. Orders can be placed & paid via touch-screen or mobile app for touchless experience

As we began to develop our robotic technology, we knew a key component in our success was our espresso machine partner. After careful consideration, KioSoft strategically partnered with Eversys, a world class espresso equipment provider. Since 2009, the Swiss company has partnered with coffee shops all over the world to offer customers consistently high quality coffee.