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KioSoft – a technology leader in the Payments industry since 2002. We offer the best of the world in unattended payments with our global presence.

4 Offices Worldwide

Sales in 35 Countries

Over 200 Employees

International Offices

KioSoft’s headquarters in Boynton Beach, FL (USA), and international offices in Toronto (Canada), Qingdao (China) and Seoul (Korea), include a family of more than 200 employees. As a single-source provider, KioSoft controls all facets of the solutions it provides, including:


Industrial Design, Engineering, Production, QA

Software Development

Server, Device Firmware, Mobile App

Online Fulfilment

Order Management, Warehousing, Deployment

Training & Support

KioSoft boasts world class training and support, including on-site training as well as Instruction in our Boynton Beach training center. Support includes, extended hours, a fully integrated support CRM and unrivaled support tools to resolve issues quickly.

KioSoft’s goal is to maintain full end-to-end control, providing a harmonious solution.


Our culture is one that values caring for our customers above all else, fostering long-term partnerships and great relationships to ensure our mutual success. We continue to invest in our customers. KioSoft is always looking for new ways to innovate and increase efficiency. We listen to our customers’ needs and strongly maintain that they own their customers, including the relationship, support, and data.


The self-service industry is typically comprised of technology aggregators, as opposed to technology innovators. KioSoft is the latter. We believe that innovation comes from ownership and control of the products we design. This single source, customer-focused mentality is evident in everything we do. We never stop innovating. We continually push the boundaries to bring new ideas to life. Some products on this site may use technology licensed from PayRange Inc. and may be covered by patents identified at www.payrange.com/patents.


We have a large, highly skilled engineering and development team, including iOS, Android, PHP, payment system and server development. Partnering with KioSoft means working with a team of dedicated professionals. Our highly skilled training and support teams are always eager to assist.


Headquarters in Boynton Beach

Our 39,601 sq ft facility in Boynton Beach, FL features a comprehensive customer training facility, complete with a variety of manufacturer machine models as well as our full range of solutions. Our location boasts a new state-of-the-art warehouse, where our professional deployment team employs a high degree of process.


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