Air & Vac

Accept Convenient Card & Mobile Payments at Tire Inflators & Car Vacuum Machines

Customers today expect convenience; every second counts. Fewer people are carrying cash as the world has shifted to card and mobile transactions being the norm, with support for contactless methods. The Ultra VX Reader provides unattended Air & Vac machines with a cutting-edge ruggedized outdoor payment solution that will boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

In fact, KioSoft has successfully deployed our Air & Vac payment solution at 8,000 gas stations across Canada. The system is trusted by major brands including Circle K, Esso, Shell, Petro Canada, Canadian Tire and Couche-Tard. With a rollout that began in 2016, the system has proven to be durable, tough enough to withstand harsh Canadian winters.

The ruggedized outdoor Air Pump withstands the elements to provide a consistent flow of accessible tire inflation year-round with automated accuracy.

  • Built in air compressor​
  • Automatic high-speed inflation with precise digital gauge​
  • Stainless steel, weatherproof, and vandal resistant cabinet with Heater option for cold conditions​
  • Clear backlit LCD display indicates Tire Pressure and Inflation Time Remaining​
  • Selectable settings for Tire Pressure​
  • Audible and visual end of cycle signal indicators​
  • Includes KioSoft’s versatile VXT Series 3.5” touchscreen Reader for electronic payment integration

Supports a Variety of Payment Methods:

  • Card – Swipe, Insert
  • NFC – Contactless Tap, Mobile Wallet
  • Laundry Card
  • CleanPay Mobile App
  • Coin

* QR code based transactions do not use Bluetooth.​ Works with Internet-connected machines only.​

For operators of machines that are accepting Coin-only payments integrating the Ultra VX Reader facilitates utmost payment versatility, accepting Contactless tap, Mobile wallet, card insert and swipe. Operators reduce the hassles of counting coin, rolling coin, and making manual deposits as the terminal’s electronic payment is automatically processed and deposited.

Ultra VX features a 3.5-inch full color LCD screen with a vivid display, clearly communicating payment options to customers. The ruggedized design boasts IP56 Waterproof & Dust and IK09 Vandal Resistance standards, protecting your investment.

The KioPay mobile app is the most convenient way to pay for unattended tire inflation and automotive vacuum machines.

Simply use KioPay to purchase account balance right from the app using your credit / debit card of choice, then apply that balance to pay for using a compatible self-serve machine.

KioPay facilitates contactless payments. Scan the QR code at the machine to display the related menu of services and pricing options. Select your price option and then start self-serve machines. KioPay allows you to check your account balance, and add value to your account.

We provide our clients with a secure Portal that combines web-based reader configuration, financial reporting, plus KioSoft equipment health & management status updates. Our Portal technology puts managers in control of their Unattended environment, from anywhere.

  • Instant access to data for managing administrative functions
  • Powerful overview of usage and location performance
  • Reporting Tools provide daily transactions in real-time
  • Diagnostics and alerts through remote portal access
  • Machine-level usage statistics
  • Remote updates to readers

Your Unattended environment will require high speed wireless connectivity and security. With thousands of operational sites across North America, KioSoft knows what it takes to ensure your network is dependable and robust. We provide a Router with Wi-Fi and Cellular network connection. Additionally, we allow our clients to choose their preferred network including AT&T, Telus, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell.