KioSoft Powers a Contactless Payment Solution for Air & Vac Nationwide

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Revolutionary Solution

“No more fumbling for cash, no more coins needed. Simply Tap and Go”.

Now available at 8000 gas station locations across Canada, KioSoft’s Ultra Ruggedized Contactless Only payment solution revolutionized the Unattended Payment industry upon its introduction in 2016 and remains the unrivaled standard in convenience, acceptance, and ease-of-use in the market.

About AIR-serv

AIR-serv is the primary supplier for self-contained tire inflators and self-serve auto vacuums to the retail petroleum industry throughout North America. The company saw a growing need for offering a modernized alternative to coin payments for its unattended Air & Vac kiosks. Frank Merrill, Vice President of AIR-serv Canada, recognized that a larger percentage of the population was no longer carrying cash and that the company needed to incorporate an Unattended Contactless Payment solution to boost transaction volume and revenue while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Ground-Breaking Technology

In 2016, AIR-serv Canada turned to KioSoft to provide a durable Contactless Reader to accept Tap payments through Visa, Mastercard, Interac Flash (Debit), plus Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay & Google Pay). The Reader needed to be built rugged to withstand harsh Canadian winter conditions. KioSoft delivered with the Ultra Ruggedized Reader – the first PCI Certified Contactless Only payment terminal ever released in the North American market.

AIR-serv’s Tire Inflation and Car Vacuuming stations were the first machines to feature this ground-breaking technology – a fully PCI certified Tap Only payment interface designed for unattended environments. AIR-serv could not be more pleased with the response from their customers and the performance of the Contactless Only innovation courtesy of KioSoft. Gone are the days of “fumbling for change” for Canadian drivers looking to pump their tires or vacuum their vehicles. AIR-serv has witnessed a spike in transaction volume as their customers can now quickly pay using their preferred method. This was a solution that AIR-serv knew they needed to offer in response to payment trends. But most importantly, it is the customer satisfaction with vastly improved convenience that is rewarding for AIR-serv and has made the integration worthwhile. Now customers just tap and they’re on their way!

KioSoft Advantages

Implementing a Contactless Only solution for collecting payment was an important requirement for AIR-serv. Because their systems are exposed directly to the elements including harsh winter conditions, AIR-serv needed a system that was completely weatherproof. They were not interested in Chip & PIN or Swipe systems as those technologies were not fully weatherproof sealed and were susceptible to damages from water or dirt infiltration. Temperature range was also an important consideration given the frigid Canadian winter conditions in most areas of the country. Additionally, there is no requirement for key injection or MAC’ing hassles when it comes to KioSoft’s Contactless Only system, as a result the maintenance costs are dramatically reduced. KioSoft was the only unattended payment system supplier that was able to present a fully certified Tap Only solution that met AIR-serv’s rigorous requirements.

Complete Solution

KioSoft not only provided the payment readers, but also installed the high-speed wireless connectivity at each location for processing swift transactions. Furthermore, KioSoft developed a web-based dashboard for AIR-serv to monitor and manage its locations with real-time transaction reporting.

Trusted Partner

The system is trusted by major brands including Circle K, Esso, Shell, Petro Canada, Canadian Tire and Couche-Tard. Supplement or replace your coin payment solution with a KioSoft terminal and reduce collection and related accounting inefficiencies. Contact us today to learn more.