KioSoft’s CleanPay Mobile Laundry App Amasses Over 3 Million Users

(Boynton Beach, FL, Monday, November 22, 2021) As contactless methods of payment continue to gain traction worldwide, KioSoft’s CleanPay Mobile app for laundry has experienced dramatic growth, surpassing 3 million users. Residential laundry users and laundromat customers alike are gravitating to CleanPay Mobile as their preferred payment option – offering heightened levels of functionality and convenience at their fingertips. The pandemic has accelerated the transition to mobile payment and the adoption of cash alternatives, particularly in the wake of coin shortages. In fact, the user base for CleanPay Mobile tripled within one year, skyrocketing from 1 million to 3 million.

In 2017, KioSoft recognized how reliant today’s consumers were becoming on their mobile phones for getting day-to-day tasks done and realized there was a gap in the Laundry market. Customers no longer wish to fumble for coins and have transitioned to card or mobile app when it comes to paying for services. KioSoft strategically developed CleanPay Mobile to offer the option for payment via app in the Laundry Room.

CleanPay Mobile is available on both Android and iOS. This dedicated laundry app allows users to add funds, view machine availability, start machines, and request refunds all within a few clicks. There is even an option to share an account with your family members or roommates for added functionality. CleanPay Mobile also delivers real-time cycle notifications so customers know when to head back to the Laundry Room. The app is available to multi-housing laundry operators and laundromat owners and brings significant benefits to both, including:

  • Greater revenue, as laundry users are not limited by cash and run more cycles
  • Owning their customer data and being able to support their own customers
  • Accessing KioSoft’s Washboard online portal – providing a cloud-based reporting and management system so that every detail can be tracked in real time
  • Offline mode & Coin payment reporting
  • Opportunity to brand the app

On average, operators have seen an increase of over 20% in net new revenue and a decrease of 10% in operational costs when making the shift to CleanPay Mobile in the Laundry Room. KioSoft also offers additional technology for flexible payment options including kiosks that allow for payment by Laundry Card and Pay-at-the-Machine Readers that accept laundry card, tap, swipe, insert and mobile wallet. The company recognizes that accessing data is an important part of running a business and provides clients with a comprehensive management portal called Washboard. Washboard combines web-based reader configuration, financial reporting, plus KioSoft equipment health & management and reporting. Also available to operators when needed is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and multi-lingual support team.

KioSoft is a world leader in facilitating the growing trend of cashless & unattended payments, with presence in over 35 countries.

About KioSoft Technologies, LLC:

Headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL (USA), with international offices in Toronto (Canada), Qingdao (China) and Seoul (Korea), KioSoft has emerged as a global leader in unattended payments. Since 2002, the company has been at the forefront of self-service solutions, kiosks, payments, and integration technology. KioSoft provides clients with a complete systems approach including hardware, software, mobile app, and support tools as a single-source provider, thus ensuring a harmonious solution.