Exploring the Benefits of Laundry Cards in Modern Laundromats

Laundromats, once synonymous with coin-operated machines and the jingle of loose change, have undergone a remarkable transformation in the last two decades. Since the early 2000s, laundromats have witnessed a revolutionary shift in their integrated payment solutions with the introduction of laundry card kiosks. These innovative kiosk have transformed the laundry experience for both laundromat operators and customers alike. In this post, we will explore the various benefits of using laundry cards in modern laundromats. 

Streamlined Transactions and Operational Efficiency 

Laundry cards have become a classic standard of convenience, offering a streamlined and efficient payment solution for both customers and laundromat owners. The archaic process of fumbling for coins or cash has given way to a simple swipe of a card or tap of a mobile phone payment, allowing patrons to load credits onto their laundry cards effortlessly. This not only reduces transaction times but also enhances the overall efficiency of commercial laundromat businesses. 

According to the most recent Coin Laundry Association Industry Survey, 43% of laundromat operators indicated that finding and retaining reliable employees was a major issue for their business, while 26% claimed that the high cost of labor was a significant problem for the industry. Given these challenges, it’s not surprising that many operators have chosen to eliminate labor altogether and operate unattended laundromats. In the same CLA study, when broken down geographically, reveals that certain segments of the U.S. boast a high rate of unattended stores – with 32% of laundromats in the Northeast completely unattended and 47% in the western portion of the country being unattended. This shows that laundry operators have been shifting to more unattended transactions to create maximized operational efficiency for their businesses. 

Heightened Security and Fraud Prevention 

Traditional coin-operated machines have long been vulnerable to theft and fraud, with criminals tampering with coin slots or pilfering from machines. Laundry card machines address these security concerns by eliminating the need for physical currency with an integrated mobile payment solution. Moreover, these cashless payment systems often incorporate advanced security features, providing robust protection against potential risks. 

Loyalty Programs and Customer Engagement 

Laundry cards empower laundromat owners to implement innovative loyalty programs and incentives, fostering customer loyalty and engagement. By offering discounts, promotions, or bonus credits through the credit card laundry system, operators can not only attract new customers but also retain existing ones. This dynamic coinless laundry approach not only boosts customer satisfaction but also creates a sense of loyalty that positively impacts a laundromat’s bottom line. 

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting 

A game-changer for laundromat operators, laundry card systems provide the ability to monitor and track usage in real-time. Detailed reports on machine usage, peak hours, and revenue generation empower owners to make informed decisions. This data-driven approach allows for the optimization of machine availability, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer service. 

Consider Josh Capman, owner of Wash Bar, who shares his experience with KioSoft’s backend management and reporting system:

“Ever since choosing KioSoft, their CleanOperator mobile app has provided seamless backend management, simplified daily reporting and real-time insights into my customer engagement. I can stay connected with just a glance at my app, no matter where I am.”  

Environmentally Friendly Practices 

The shift towards laundry cards isn’t just a technological advancement; it’s also a step towards sustainability. By reducing reliance on coins and paper receipts, laundromats contribute to an eco-friendly laundry experience. Laundry card kiosks promote a paperless and efficient payment process, aligning seamlessly with the global focus on sustainable practices. The environmental impact of laundromats is a critical consideration, and the adoption of laundry cards demonstrates a commitment to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. 

User-friendly Technology and Accessibility 

Laundry cards are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The technology is accessible to a broad range of users, including those who may struggle with the transitioning from traditional coin-operated machines. This inclusivity ensures that the laundry experience becomes more accessible to everyone, regardless of age or technological familiarity. The intuitive nature of laundry cards contributes to a positive user experience, attracting a diverse customer base and ensuring that laundromats remain relevant and easy to adapt too.  


The widespread adoption of laundry cards in modern laundromats represents more than just a shift in payment methods; it signifies a fundamental change in the way we approach coin laundry. From streamlined transactions and heightened security to loyalty programs, real-time monitoring, and environmental considerations, laundry cards have become the linchpin for creating a convenient, efficient, and customer-centric laundry experience. 

As we navigate an era of laundry tech solutions, KioSoft stands as a global leader in unattended solutions, making significant strides since entering the industry in 2002. Our revolutionary payment solutions have transformed both route and retail laundromats, underlining our commitment to innovation and efficiency. KioSoft has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology. 

At KioSoft, our Laundry Card System seamlessly integrates laundry card kiosks, value cards, and connected payment readers, providing a unified solution to enhance laundry operations. This innovative system optimizes efficiency by facilitating secure fund loading, enabling seamless digital transactions, and bolstering connectivity with laundry machines.

The AVU Touch 17” kiosk, our flagship product, empowers operators to offer customers an interactive 17” touchscreen and a smart dispenser. It provides diverse payment options through value cards and facilitates credit additions via various payment methods. The kiosk also includes bilingual capabilities, enhancing the overall user experience. In addition, our connected payment readers and Cloud Cards are designed to support value card and mobile app payments at unattended machines. This offers flexibility, allowing users to choose between individual prices or predefined packages. As we navigate the evolution of laundromat payment systems, it is evident that KioSoft stands at the forefront, delivering unparalleled solutions for a seamless and modern laundry experience.

Disclaimer: AVU Touch 17″ is only available for retail operators.


Coin Laundry Association Industry Survey 2019 – https://coinlaundryassociation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/IndustrySurvey19.pdf 

The Unattended Laundromat – https://planetlaundry.com/the-unattended-laundromat/

How Unattended Payments Solutions are Reshaping Arcades

Arcades and family entertainment centers, the nostalgic hubs of yesteryears, are undergoing a transformative journey into the future of payments. The timeless appeal of arcade games, blending seamlessly with modern technology, has sparked a renewed interest among gaming enthusiasts. According to TechNavio, the arcade gaming marketing size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 1.99% between 2022 to 2027. The market size is forecast to increase by $1,984.1 million USD. From classic games like Pac-Man to the rise of VR-based arcade games like VR Agent, there is something for everyone at these game stations. Yet, the evolution doesn’t stop at gameplay. The way we handle payments has been experiencing a significant shift with the introduction of unattended payment solutions, particularly those embracing the future of transactions through contactless payment systems. 

Efficient Transactions: 

The era of fumbling for coins or tokens to continue your arcade adventure is a thing of the past. Integrated payment readers, armed with contactless payment options and digital wallets, have revolutionized the way customers settle their gaming expenses. A swift tap or swipe initiates a seamless gaming session, eliminating the inconvenience of physical currency and reduces transaction time. This not only heightens customer satisfaction but also encourages repeat visits, fostering a hassle-free arcade experience. 

Lower Operational Costs:

Juggling cash flow and managing physical currency is labor-intensive and a costly undertaking for arcade owners. Cashless payment systems come to the rescue by automating the payment process, reducing the need for manual cash handling and minimizing the risk of theft. With fewer resources dedicated to cash management, arcade owners can redirect their attention and resources toward enhancing the overall customer experience, investing in new game stations, or implementing revenue-generating initiatives. 

Adaptability to Trends: 

The gaming industry is so dynamic, with trends evolving rapidly. Unattended payment solutions play a crucial role in enhancing the adaptability of arcades to emerging trends, including virtual reality (VR) gaming, fitness simulations, and multiplayer experiences. These versatile solutions easily integrate with new technologies, affirming arcades’ position at the forefront of the ever-changing gaming landscape. According to Grand View Research, the market for new gaming stations with unattended payments totaled nearly $21.5 billion in 2021, with a continued growth of 6.5% CAGR over the next six years.  

Data-Driven Insights: 

Integrated payment readers provide arcade owners with valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Leveraging the data collected from transactions, this enables arcade businesses to gain a profound understanding of popular games, peak operating hours, and even customer demographics. Being able to easily access these analytics empowers arcade owners to make informed decisions regarding game selection, pricing strategies, and promotional efforts. By tailoring their offerings to meet customer demand, arcades can optimize their revenue potential and stay ahead of industry trends. 

In conclusion, by streamlining payments, cutting operational costs, adapting to payment trends and offering powerful data insights, these innovative solutions are reshaping the arcade industry for the better. Embracing this evolution isn’t a step forward; it’s a leap into the future of arcade entertainment. 

Our unattended Ultra VXT payment readers enhance the user experience by streamlining transactions on game machines and accepting a host of digital payments. Our AVU Touch 21 self-service kiosk provides a convenient and efficient way for customers to manage their game cards and power them up. The KioPay mobile application ensures a user-friendly interface for quick and easy game credit top-ups. Beyond payment solutions, KioPlay also comes equipped with a robust SCOREBOARD management tool, empowering arcade owners to remotely track insights, usage, location performance, and daily transactions, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient arcade operations.

To delve into the future of arcade payments, contact us here.




KioSoft Launches KioVend Vending Machines in Canada

Revolutionizing Vending Machines

As a technology company that focuses on creating cutting-edge unattended solutions, KioSoft is proud to announce the launch of KioVend , vending machines in Canada. KioVend offers a wide range of ready-to-use snack and drink vending systems at affordable prices.

In the vending industry today, the majority of vending machines are sold by aggregators who rely on third parties for payments. As an innovator in payments for more than 20 years in Canada, KioVend controls all aspects of its technology, including the vending machine, payment terminal, wireless communication, vending management system, and bankcard processing. This allows them to provide unparalleled service and support. 

Also important to KioVend’s offering is their definition of standard equipment. Although these systems can be made-to-order, the standard machine includes the vending machine, payment terminal, wireless communication, and the vending management system.  

KioVend vending machines are revolutionizing the industry by offering these complete vending payment solutions to Canadians. The machines are also supported by a dedicated team of support staff on call to assist operators with any issues that arise. With its range of vending machines and innovative features, KioVend is setting a new standard in the vending machine industry by delivering innovative, user-friendly solutions to meet the needs of both operators and customers. 

KioVend SD60E

Disclaimer: Our machines are not available in the US.

KioVend includes KioSoft’s VXT Series Payment Reader

With KioSoft’s VXT Series Payment reader, the system supports a wide range of payment options, including cashless payments, mobile payments, and contactless payments, making it easy for customers to pay for their purchases. KioSoft’s VXT Series Payment reader sets the standard for all vending machines, offering customers debit/credit card acceptance via tap, swipe, insert, as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and mobile app payments.

KioVend offers our KleoPay Mobile App

With our KleoPay Mobile app, KioSoft takes convenience to the next level by allowing customers the opportunity to load value, select their item, and quickly dispense products.

KioVend’s Vending Machine Management

A key component of KioVend’s offering is its comprehensive vending machine management platform. Its system offers a variety of features to simplify vending machine operations. The cloud-based portal enables operators to remotely monitor their machines from any Iinternet-connected device, providing real-time access to vital performance, inventory, and sales information. This allows operators to make informed decisions about their vending operations, without the need for constant physical management. In addition, the system provides an overview of top-selling products, locations, machine status and product snapshots. It also has an easy-to-use product library that allows users to add, edit, and delete product images and descriptions effortlessly.  

With KioVend, vending machine operators and business owners can manage their vending machines more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that their customers have a seamless experience and that their operations run smoothly. 

KioVend D384

The launch of KioVend is a significant milestone for KioSoft, which has been providing innovative unattended solutions for two decades. With KioVend, KioSoft aims to continue its tradition of developing cutting-edge technology that will help vending machine operators and business owners succeed. 

KioSoft Launches New Laundry Payment Products at CLEAN Show 2022

KioSoft launched its expansion into several new laundry payment product categories at CLEAN Show 2022.

The Laundry industry was back in full force at this event after a three-year layoff, with exceptionally high traffic and a palpable energy level. We were excited to see new faces in addition to familiar ones and chat about our exciting new CleanStore solutions. The CleanStore suite of products for Unattended Payments in Laundry includes Self-Service Kiosks, Pay-at-the-Machine Readers, Mobile App solutions, Coin Boxes, plus Integration into a wide variety of applications that can augment revenue for Laundromat facility management. Here’s a video of our Retail Laundry GM discussing the revolutionary industry-leading lineup.

The Best of All Laundry Payment Worlds – Pay Digitally or with Coins 

With the introduction of Coin Boxes, KioSoft now covers the full spectrum of unattended laundry payments. The Coin Boxes complement our already comprehensive roster of digital payment solutions including, Pay-At-The-Machine Readers, Mobile App Payment, and Add Value Kiosks. The full line of Coin Boxes is available in a variety of sizes that can fit a wide array of laundry machines. KioSoft’s coin boxes are designed for durability, featuring thick stainless steel front plates, galvanized trays, high-security locks, and a polished finish that does not fade over time. We’re thrilled to offer laundry professionals complete, connected payment solutions from end to end.

Soap Stations – a Laundromat Revenue Booster

At KioSoft, we pride ourselves on offering our clients numerous revenue streams for unattended machines in addition to laundry payment tools. With this philosophy in mind, we’re excited to introduce a new line of Soap Stations.

These user-friendly, self-serve kiosks conveniently offer detergent and other laundry essentials. The Soap Station Prime is a free-standing model, and it’s ideal for dispensing products in bottle or box format. It uses a state-of-the-art automatic elevator lift and conveyor belt retrieval system as well as coil slots for versatile product placement.

Alternatively, the wall-mountedSoap Station Lite series offers a scalable set of systems designed to easily stock and sell soap, bleach, or softeners in box packaging at laundromats. These systems are available in capacities of 2 / 4 / 8 Columns – with each Column holding a unique product.

All of KioSoft’s Soap Stations feature the company’s versatile VXT Pro 3.5” touchscreen payment reader for flexible payment acceptance including Credit / Debit Card, Laundry Card, NFC, or Coin. 

CleanStore – for the Connected Laundromat

Our CleanStore laundry payment technologies combine the hardware & software tools to deliver a simple, comprehensive, and harmonious solution. The CleanStore offering includes: 1) AVU Series Kiosks, 2) All-in-One Readers, 3) Mobile App Payments, 4) Coin Boxes.

At Clean Show 2022, KioSoft not only launched a new line of Soap Stations, but we also introduced our KioPOS Point-of-Sale system for Laundromats, Air Pump, plus Amusement Integration. KioSoft has established its position as your one-stop-shop for Unattended Laundry Payments and much more!

KioSoft’s CleanPay Mobile Laundry App Amasses Over 3 Million Users

(Boynton Beach, FL, Monday, November 22, 2021) As contactless methods of payment continue to gain traction worldwide, KioSoft’s CleanPay Mobile app for laundry has experienced dramatic growth, surpassing 3 million users. Residential laundry users and laundromat customers alike are gravitating to CleanPay Mobile as their preferred payment option – offering heightened levels of functionality and convenience at their fingertips. The pandemic has accelerated the transition to mobile payment and the adoption of cash alternatives, particularly in the wake of coin shortages. In fact, the user base for CleanPay Mobile tripled within one year, skyrocketing from 1 million to 3 million.

In 2017, KioSoft recognized how reliant today’s consumers were becoming on their mobile phones for getting day-to-day tasks done and realized there was a gap in the Laundry market. Customers no longer wish to fumble for coins and have transitioned to card or mobile app when it comes to paying for services. KioSoft strategically developed CleanPay Mobile to offer the option for payment via app in the Laundry Room.

CleanPay Mobile is available on both Android and iOS. This dedicated laundry app allows users to add funds, view machine availability, start machines, and request refunds all within a few clicks. There is even an option to share an account with your family members or roommates for added functionality. CleanPay Mobile also delivers real-time cycle notifications so customers know when to head back to the Laundry Room. The app is available to multi-housing laundry operators and laundromat owners and brings significant benefits to both, including:

  • Greater revenue, as laundry users are not limited by cash and run more cycles
  • Owning their customer data and being able to support their own customers
  • Accessing KioSoft’s Washboard online portal – providing a cloud-based reporting and management system so that every detail can be tracked in real time
  • Offline mode & Coin payment reporting
  • Opportunity to brand the app

On average, operators have seen an increase of over 20% in net new revenue and a decrease of 10% in operational costs when making the shift to CleanPay Mobile in the Laundry Room. KioSoft also offers additional technology for flexible payment options including kiosks that allow for payment by Laundry Card and Pay-at-the-Machine Readers that accept laundry card, tap, swipe, insert and mobile wallet. The company recognizes that accessing data is an important part of running a business and provides clients with a comprehensive management portal called Washboard. Washboard combines web-based reader configuration, financial reporting, plus KioSoft equipment health & management and reporting. Also available to operators when needed is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and multi-lingual support team.

KioSoft is a world leader in facilitating the growing trend of cashless & unattended payments, with presence in over 35 countries.

About KioSoft Technologies, LLC:

Headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL (USA), with international offices in Toronto (Canada), Qingdao (China) and Seoul (Korea), KioSoft has emerged as a global leader in unattended payments. Since 2002, the company has been at the forefront of self-service solutions, kiosks, payments, and integration technology. KioSoft provides clients with a complete systems approach including hardware, software, mobile app, and support tools as a single-source provider, thus ensuring a harmonious solution.

KioSoft’s CleanPay Mobile Surpasses 2 Million Users

(Boynton Beach, FL, Friday, July 16, 2021) Mobile technology is revolutionizing payments; laundry is no exception. KioSoft is thrilled to announce that their industry leading mobile app for laundry payments, CleanPay Mobile, has surpassed two million users around the globe, and continues to experience rapid expansion. With presence in over 35 countries, KioSoft is a world leader in facilitating the growing trend of cashless & unattended payments. The CleanPay Mobile app is a prime example of contactless alternatives gaining traction in the market, as indicated by end-user adoption levels, customer satisfaction and the company’s market share worldwide.

The popular iOS and Android app has gained significant traction in the wake of the pandemic, in which coin shortages presented new challenges for laundry users. CleanPay Mobile offers the most convenient and simple way to pay for laundry in both residential laundry rooms and retail laundromats, providing an ideal solution that is contactless and clean. KioSoft has been a technology leader in the Electronic Payments space since 2002 and specializing in residential and retail Laundry industry since 2013.

CleanPay Mobile is specifically designed for the laundry industry and delivers heightened functionality at the users’ fingertips. This mobile wallet with stored account balance enables laundromat customers or residents of a multi-housing facility to activate machines via QR Code scan or by simply entering the machine number. Not only does the app enable starting the laundry machine, but it also provides users with full access to:

  • View machine availability
  • Alerts when laundry cycle is complete
  • Purchasing machine credit
  • Complete purchase history
  • Ability to initiate refund requests and request support

Customers are not the only ones that substantially benefit from CleanPay Mobile – Operators also reap the benefits, including:

  • Greater revenue, as laundry users are not limited by cash and run more cycles
  • Owning their customer data and being able to support their own customers
  • Accessing KioSoft’s Washboard online portal – providing a cloud-based reporting and management system so that every detail can be tracked in real time
  • Offline mode & Coin payment reporting
  • Enhanced mobile management functionality with KioSoft’s full-featured technician application, KioSoft Laundry Manager (KLM)
  • Opportunity to brand the app

KioSoft prides itself in not being limited to Mobile payments, offering a full range of technology to cover all applications. The company also offers Kiosk technology that allows for payment by Laundry Card, where value can be added at a secure payment station. Additionally, Pay-at-the-Machine Readers present another effective option for accepting various forms of payment via laundry card, tap, swipe, insert and mobile wallet. KioSoft also provides clients with a comprehensive management portal, Washboard, which combines web-based reader configuration, financial reporting, plus KioSoft equipment health & management and reporting. Support tools are a necessity when it comes to operating a Laundry facility, which is why KioSoft created the mobile app, KioSoft Laundry Manager, where technicians can remotely update technology.

With presence in over 35 countries, KioSoft is a world leader in facilitating the growing trend of cashless & unattended payments. Their CleanPay Mobile app saw a dramatic spike in users in the wake of the pandemic, jumping from one to two million in a period of 9 months.

About KioSoft Technologies, LLC:

Headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL (USA), with international offices in Toronto (Canada), Qingdao (China) and Seoul (Korea), KioSoft has emerged as a world leader in unattended payments. Since 2002, the company has been at the forefront of self-service solutions, kiosks, payments, and integration technology. KioSoft provides clients with a complete systems approach including hardware, software, mobile app and support tools as a single-source provider, thus ensuring a harmonious solution