Connected Payment Solutions for Amusement Facilities.

With no hassle to pay, customers get to focus on the play.

Reasons to count on KioPlay Products

KioPlay Solutions by KioSoft offers comprehensive, connected payment solutions for every amusement facility. The KioPlay platform for amusement combines our state-of-the-art hardware with our network-ready, secure software products. Simple. Comprehensive. Harmonious. The KioPlay connected payment platform will transform your business, allowing for quick, cashless payments for customers.

All In One

We are a one-stop solution for your amusement facility. Power Up Stations(Kiosks), Unattended Payment Readers, Management Software, and Mobile Payment App etc.

A Collaborative Approach

Our team works with amusement operators to understand each unique application. We then provide our customers with effective, tailor-made solutions.

Increase Revenue

Our technology cuts coin collection costs, ensures seamless payments, and enhances customer experience, driving increased usage and boosting your bottom line.

Custom Branding

Our solutions can be customized to suit your brand, boosting your brands recognition with the gamers at your facility.

Competitively Priced

Our cutting-edge solutions offer unparalleled value in the market, setting a new standard for excellence with state-of-the-art technology.


With offices in the US and Canada, our staff supports you every step of the way, from installation to repairs, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our Solutions

Power Up Stations

You can say Game Over to the lineup with our easy-to-use, self-serve kiosks. Our AVU kiosks allow your customers to purchase game cards, recharge their cards, check out their account balance, and earn rewards. Customers can use their loaded game cards to pay for anything inside the amusement facility.

AVU Touch 21

Our AVU Touch 21 Kiosks are equipped with a customizable touchscreen which allows for an intuitive user experience for the customer at your amusement facility.

AVU Cash One

Our AVU Cash One is a credit & cash kiosk that helps you bring in new methods of payment while keeping cash as an option.

Unattended Payment Readers

We offer a variety of Unattended Payment Readers that are built to accommodate a host of payment options, including stored value from Game Cards.You can maximize usage at your amusement facility by offering customers one of our modern and intuitive solutions.

Ultra VXT

The full-color LCD touchscreen on the Ultra VXT offers ample space for displaying multiple prices, ensuring efficient revenue collection. Its fully customizable interface accepts all payment options for convenience.

Ultra VQ-M

Discover our Ultra VQ Series payment readers for reliable performance. Featuring a 2.8-inch LCD and six touch keys, they offer intuitive user experience. The Ultra VQ-M includes a built-in 4G LTE modem for secure remote access.

Ultra LX

The touchscreen interface allows you to display more price options and, in turn, collect more revenue. The Ultra LX Pro is a turnkey Pay-at-the-Machine reader solution, just Tap and Play!

Prime Connect Select

These offer cost-effective Value Card and Mobile App payment acceptance at unattended machines. Users can easily select prices or predefined packages with simple Up and Down buttons.

Other Solutions

Our software & attended solutions seamlessly integrate with our hardware, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency across your operations.


Empower your amusement operation with our SCOREBOARD backend enterprise management software. This portal streamlines tasks with web-based reader configuration, financial reporting, and equipment health management.


Boost revenue with our free KioPay Mobile App, offering customers the easiest way to pay. Users simply load their preferred credit or debit card, enjoy unrestricted play, and keep coming back for the convenience.

KioSoft POS

Elevate your amusement business with our ultimate Point-of-Sale System. By merging amusement payment readers with personalized customer service, KioSoft POS is a great addition to your connected payment ecosystem.

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