Re-Envisioning The Café Experience

Embrace evolution and scale your business with the latest innovations in unattended, automated, and robotic café technology.

Our mission within KioSoft is to revolutionize the café experience. Using advanced technology, we bring cafés to coffee deserts, making coffee accessible and efficient for everyone. Our robotic coffee systems deliver exceptional beverages, ensuring top-notch quality and a unique experience.

Fully-Robotic Solutions

A fully-enclosed coffee kiosk with a robotic arm, offering a range of espresso-based and cold brew beverages. It operates completely unattended by processing orders, automating payments, crafting and delivering beverages with ease.

KioCafé Kiosk Series 3

Capable of serving up to 75-100 cups of hot espresso-based beverages per hour with a sleek touchscreen order interface. The robotic arm acts like a barista, preparing your customers’ preferred coffee by using your chosen coffee roaster.

KioCafé Kiosk Series 5

The KioCafé Kiosk Series 5, is a larger iteration of the KioCafé Kiosk Series 3. Retaining all the same capabilities, the Series 5 introduces automatic lid-capping and the ability to accommodate pre-orders and iced beverages.

KioCafé Bar

An innovative through-wall unit containing a fully-robotic café in a box. Operated by a robotic arm, this ATM-like coffee kiosk serves instant hot, cold & iced brews, revolutionizing the way your customers enjoy their coffee on the go.

Self-Serve Solutions

Our sleek Self-Serve Solutions let customers become baristas with a few taps. Compact and space-efficient, they're ideal for any location, featuring automated payments and quick drink preparation.

KioCafé Station

Compact and countertop, our self-serve unit brings the full café experience to any space. Choose between hot espresso drinks, cold coffee, or both, ensuring users enjoy their favorite drink without compromise.

KioCafé Cart

A mobile plug & play café, providing customizable espresso drinks, cold brews, or both, in an unattended setup. With this self-serve touchscreen unit, you can cater to your users' unique preferences, anywhere.

Essentials of our Café Experience

To achieve the goal of creating a unique experience, we’ve developed these standard elements that are featured across all our coffee solutions. At KioSoft, we utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance every aspect of your coffee business’ journey.

24/7 Operation

Fully-automated solutions for continuous revenue stream around the clock.

Customizable Menu

Many coffee and drink options, including decaf and milk alternatives.

Ordering System

User-friendly touchscreen interface for seamless navigation and ordering.

Customer-Facing App

Customizable mobile app interface tailored to reflect your brands identity.

Self-Service Payment Reader

Our Ultra Series Payment Readers offer operators a host of payment methods.

QR Code Scanner

A built-in QR code scanner for fast and convenient mobile app orders.

Data Analytics

Collects usage data for insights on popular drinks and peak hours.

Custom Branding

The kiosk's appearance can be tailored to harmonize with the location or brands aesthetics.

Our Software Inclusions

At KioCafé, we provide a complete set of management tools, including a user-friendly management app and a dashboard reporting system. Our operators also benefit from a customer-facing app designed for convenient mobile ordering.

Management App

KioCafé Management (KCM), is a tool that offers operators reporting, inventory management, maintenance notifications via SMS, and financial data insights to streamline and optimize business operations efficiently.

KioCafé Analytics

KioCafé Analytics serves as an essential management tool for tracking customer accounts, sales, demographics, and system performance, enhancing operators' capacity to efficiently manage multiple locations.

Customer Mobile App

Our customizable customer app tailors the coffee experience to your brand. Enhancing engagement and convenience, it allows orders, rewards, referrals, and exclusive promotions effortlessly.

Industries We Serve

Healthcare Facilities

For healthcare operators looking to serve medical professionals, patients, and visitors who require accessible premium coffee options.

Transportation Hubs

For airports and operators who want to offer travelers a quick caffeine fix while navigating busy airports or transportation terminals.


For hotel operators who want to ensure guests will have an exceptional hassle-free coffee experience in hotel lobbies or common areas.

Retail Stores

For retail operators looking to provide shoppers with a delightful and convenient way to enjoy coffee while exploring retail spaces.

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