Coffee Solutions

A New Level of Self Serve Coffee Experience

KioSoft’s Coffee Technology pairs the authentic espresso experience from a traditional café with ground-breaking automated delivery for all corners of food service / hospitality. You can explore our coffee solutions on our KioCafé site here.


Functional & Operational Benefits:

  • High Quality Coffee served from bean to cup
  • Full robotics with barista process emulated
  • Automated service 24/7
  • Customizable and personalized
  • Contactless with a variety of Payment options
  • Mobile App or Touchscreen ordering options


Why Specialty Coffee?

  • In January 2021, 36% of Americans aged 18+ drank a specialty coffee daily.
  • 22% drank an espresso-based beverage within a day, while 13% drank a non espresso-based beverage.
  • Specialty coffee drinkers are slightly heavier coffee drinkers compared to traditional coffee drinkers, with 2.8 and 2.6 average number of coffee cups consumed per day respectively.


Source: National Coffee Association USA’s 2021 National Coffee Data Trends report


We look forward to discussing your unattended cafe application and catering a unique solution for your brand.