KioSoft Launches its Latest Add Value Station Innovation – AVU Touch 17

KioSoft is pleased to introduce the AVU Touch 17 Kiosk to its industry leading lineup of Add Value Stations for Laundry. The AVU Touch 17 is a rear loading, high security kiosk featuring a large, interactive 17″ touchscreen with a friendly and intuitive interface. 

AVU Touch 17 Smart Dispenser

The “Touch 17” features a Smart Dispenser – offering customers an easy, one-step process for purchasing a Cloud Laundry Card (or multiple cards at once) and adding value to the card(s). The Smart Dispenser also provides increased capacity (350 cards), effectively reducing refill runs for technicians.

KioSoft is the clear market leader in laundry payment kiosks with over 20,000 kiosks sold since 2016. The AVU Kiosk Series is one element of the company’s full lineup of digital laundry payment solutions.

Kiosofts new AVU 17 laundry smart dispenser

What sets the AVU Kiosk Series apart?

KioSoft’s innovative, full-systems approach, providing laundry operators with a feature-rich solution. This difference includes wirelessly connected systems for health monitoring, support capability, and reporting to our powerful Washboard portal. Additionally, all KioSoft readers support both contactless cards and mobile payment with the company’s free CleanPay Mobile app – boasting over 6 million users worldwide.

All KioSoft products have been EMV certified since the standard came to the US. As a result, there is no need for an expensive upgrade. Furthermore, the company’s kiosks are now certified to accept EBT payments for utmost versatility.

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KioSoft Launches KioVend Vending Machines in Canada

Revolutionizing Vending Machines

As a technology company that focuses on creating cutting-edge unattended solutions, KioSoft is proud to announce the launch of KioVend , vending machines in Canada. KioVend offers a wide range of ready-to-use snack and drink vending systems at affordable prices.

In the vending industry today, the majority of vending machines are sold by aggregators who rely on third parties for payments. As an innovator in payments for more than 20 years in Canada, KioVend controls all aspects of its technology, including the vending machine, payment terminal, wireless communication, vending management system, and bankcard processing. This allows them to provide unparalleled service and support. 

Also important to KioVend’s offering is their definition of standard equipment. Although these systems can be made-to-order, the standard machine includes the vending machine, payment terminal, wireless communication, and the vending management system.  

KioVend vending machines are revolutionizing the industry by offering these complete vending payment solutions to Canadians. The machines are also supported by a dedicated team of support staff on call to assist operators with any issues that arise. With its range of vending machines and innovative features, KioVend is setting a new standard in the vending machine industry by delivering innovative, user-friendly solutions to meet the needs of both operators and customers. 

KioVend SD60E

Disclaimer: Our machines are not available in the US.

KioVend includes KioSoft’s VXT Series Payment Reader

With KioSoft’s VXT Series Payment reader, the system supports a wide range of payment options, including cashless payments, mobile payments, and contactless payments, making it easy for customers to pay for their purchases. KioSoft’s VXT Series Payment reader sets the standard for all vending machines, offering customers debit/credit card acceptance via tap, swipe, insert, as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and mobile app payments.

KioVend offers our KleoPay Mobile App

With our KleoPay Mobile app, KioSoft takes convenience to the next level by allowing customers the opportunity to load value, select their item, and quickly dispense products.

KioVend’s Vending Machine Management

A key component of KioVend’s offering is its comprehensive vending machine management platform. Its system offers a variety of features to simplify vending machine operations. The cloud-based portal enables operators to remotely monitor their machines from any Iinternet-connected device, providing real-time access to vital performance, inventory, and sales information. This allows operators to make informed decisions about their vending operations, without the need for constant physical management. In addition, the system provides an overview of top-selling products, locations, machine status and product snapshots. It also has an easy-to-use product library that allows users to add, edit, and delete product images and descriptions effortlessly.  

With KioVend, vending machine operators and business owners can manage their vending machines more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that their customers have a seamless experience and that their operations run smoothly. 

KioVend D384

The launch of KioVend is a significant milestone for KioSoft, which has been providing innovative unattended solutions for two decades. With KioVend, KioSoft aims to continue its tradition of developing cutting-edge technology that will help vending machine operators and business owners succeed. 

KioSoft Launches New Laundry Payment Products at CLEAN Show 2022

KioSoft launched its expansion into several new laundry payment product categories at CLEAN Show 2022.

The Laundry industry was back in full force at this event after a three-year layoff, with exceptionally high traffic and a palpable energy level. We were excited to see new faces in addition to familiar ones and chat about our exciting new CleanStore solutions. The CleanStore suite of products for Unattended Payments in Laundry includes Self-Service Kiosks, Pay-at-the-Machine Readers, Mobile App solutions, Coin Boxes, plus Integration into a wide variety of applications that can augment revenue for Laundromat facility management. Here’s a video of our Retail Laundry GM discussing the revolutionary industry-leading lineup.

The Best of All Laundry Payment Worlds – Pay Digitally or with Coins 

With the introduction of Coin Boxes, KioSoft now covers the full spectrum of unattended laundry payments. The Coin Boxes complement our already comprehensive roster of digital payment solutions including, Pay-At-The-Machine Readers, Mobile App Payment, and Add Value Kiosks. The full line of Coin Boxes is available in a variety of sizes that can fit a wide array of laundry machines. KioSoft’s coin boxes are designed for durability, featuring thick stainless steel front plates, galvanized trays, high-security locks, and a polished finish that does not fade over time. We’re thrilled to offer laundry professionals complete, connected payment solutions from end to end.

Soap Stations – a Laundromat Revenue Booster

At KioSoft, we pride ourselves on offering our clients numerous revenue streams for unattended machines in addition to laundry payment tools. With this philosophy in mind, we’re excited to introduce a new line of Soap Stations.

These user-friendly, self-serve kiosks conveniently offer detergent and other laundry essentials. The Soap Station Prime is a free-standing model, and it’s ideal for dispensing products in bottle or box format. It uses a state-of-the-art automatic elevator lift and conveyor belt retrieval system as well as coil slots for versatile product placement.

Alternatively, the wall-mountedSoap Station Lite series offers a scalable set of systems designed to easily stock and sell soap, bleach, or softeners in box packaging at laundromats. These systems are available in capacities of 2 / 4 / 8 Columns – with each Column holding a unique product.

All of KioSoft’s Soap Stations feature the company’s versatile VXT Pro 3.5” touchscreen payment reader for flexible payment acceptance including Credit / Debit Card, Laundry Card, NFC, or Coin. 

CleanStore – for the Connected Laundromat

Our CleanStore laundry payment technologies combine the hardware & software tools to deliver a simple, comprehensive, and harmonious solution. The CleanStore offering includes: 1) AVU Series Kiosks, 2) All-in-One Readers, 3) Mobile App Payments, 4) Coin Boxes.

At Clean Show 2022, KioSoft not only launched a new line of Soap Stations, but we also introduced our KioPOS Point-of-Sale system for Laundromats, Air Pump, plus Amusement Integration. KioSoft has established its position as your one-stop-shop for Unattended Laundry Payments and much more!